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Sleepy Hollow is,according to wikipedia,a horror film,made in 1999,based on W.Irving’s story “The legend of Sleepy Hollow” and starring Johnny Depp,Christina Ricci,Michael Gambon and Christopher Walken.And a lot of other big names,but these are the ones I like.
The movie follows the story of Ichabod Crane,a police constable from New York,sent to the little town of Sleepy Hollow to investigate a series of brutal slayings in which the victims were found beheaded.
The locals believe that the killer is the Headless Horseman.Crane does not believe them until he meets him.
Boarding a room at the Van Tassels,Crane develops an attraction to their daughter,the mysterious Katrina.In the end…spoilers spoilers spoilers,it turns out that the horseman was manipulated by Katrina’s stepmother who still had the horseman’s head.
All is well when it ends well.The final scene is with Ichabod and Katrina in New York,right in time for the new century(1800).

As I said before,according to wikipedia,it’s a horror film.But it’s not really.It’s not scary at all(except maybe for small children),it’s just that it has some murders,witches,a headless zombie on a horse and the Inquisition.
In my opinion,this is Tim Burton at it’s finest,with all the gory details but with a bit of a brighter note(not a big fan of The demon barber or Edward Scissorshands),without being all bright and shiny(Big Fish).
The music is impressive,it gets to you and it does what movie music should do(and to be honest,rarely does acceptably),it makes you feel like you’re in the movie and it’s the only frightening thing there.
The Sleepy Hollow OST is Danny Elfman’s best work.Except for the Nightmare before Christmas.

The setting was almost entirely built.And it’s creepy in a good Tim Burton way.It actually makes me think of Snow White because I always thought that is a dark story.Anyway,as I was saying,visually it’s a typical Tim Burton set.
I loved it entirely,I wouldn’t change a thing and it’s the movie that opened the Tim Burton world for me.
My favorite scene was when Ichabod cuts the dead widow open,then comes out full of blood like a butcher and says that whoever did this was mad.
Enjoy 🙂

Ichabod Crane faints quite a lot

He doesn’t mind so much being around dead bodies,but he hates spiders.
Stab it!

Well,he does mind being around dead bodies

Ichabod Crane rulez!


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The last period drama I’ve watched was „Little Dorrit” 2008 which is an adaptation of the novel with the same name by Charles Dickens.
The movie is actually a tele serial,with a one hour opening episode,12 half hour episodes and a one hour finale.
The story revolves around Amy Dorrit who was born and grew up in the Marshalsea prison,the debtor’s prison,becomes rich,turns poor again and then gets married to the man she loves and he will provide for her.
The movie stuck to the novel and it introduces you to a typical Charles Dickens universe, with characters from all levels of society,with real problems,not the light kind of problems,but with mistery,injustice,cruelty and extremely cruel characters;On the opposite end we find the extremely kind characters who have come to be so thoughtful by experiencing great dramas.
Also,and this is what you must love about Dickens,there are the characters who seem wicked and turn out to be the good ones and characters who seem to be the good ones and turn out to be the bad ones.
The two main characters,Arthur Clenham and Amy Dorrit are very selfless and not interested in possessing money but the plotline is very much about money and how not having money or having too much money can bring moral ruin.
There are more conclusions here I think.
Firstly,speculation is bad and it is not an honorable way to make money since somewhere,someone is losing the money you are wining.
Secondly,people shouldn’t put much stock in money since they come and go as they please.
And thirdly,the only thing of real importance is kindness and love.
So you see,”Little Dorrit” is the typical Dickens drama.
I give the movie thumbs up for sticking to the novel.After all it’s the author’s work and we must respect his vision.Also,thumbs up for image,costumes,acting(I don’t really like Mathew Macfadyen since he starred in the most horrid P&P version ever with Keira,but he was pretty good as Arthur Clenham and Claire Foy was a revelation,I want to see more of her),for credibility and for the sense of proportions.
What I really appreciated was that not everybody got a happy ending and I’m not only referring to the bad characters,but good characters also have relatively unhappy endings because everybody must live with the consequences of their actions.
In the end(this does sound vague but…) the movie is just plain sensible,it irks with common sense and it’s worth watching.
Unfortunately I’ve got lots of thumbs down.My sister says it’s actually only Dickens’s fault because I am cold as I am and no as tickleish as the next fellow while Dickens is a sensitive guy.
I guess the good characters are overreactedly kind.
Can’t they do anything mean?Or at least something that can make them individuals?They’re all kind and good for 8 long hours and say only nice things even when people treat them like dirt.
I like less sensitive characters.
Another thumb down goes to the length of the movie.The subplots are too developed and they tend to get boring at times.
Overall it’s a good period drama to watch,not even closely in my top of favorites,but it’s a grand movie and definetly the kind I’ll have my children watch instead of those weird cartoons they put on tv lately.

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M-am uitat prin bloguri astazi si o tipa povestea ce distractie beton a avut weekendul asta,un blogger respectabil descria ce revelatie luminoasa a avut sambata in sat iar mintea de ceai tine se mentine tacuta,semn ca oamenii seriosi au altele de facut.
Weekendul meu a fost fantastic pana la jumatate,a devenit un weekend de tranzitie si se va incheia peste vreo 10 minute un weekend optimist.
Secondly,am facut salam de biscuiti numai si numai ca sa am ce spune saptamana asta(ptr ca ma simt aiurea sa postez observatii aleatorii cand blogul se cheama experimental foods…&randoms).Oricum,n-am avut timp defel ptr ca m-am decis sa fac schimbari majore in ce priveste alegerea mea de materii ptr fatalul Bac si am invatat pe rupte.Acuma m-am mai calmat dar vad o saptamana de horror in fata mea.
Nici nu pun poza ca mi-e si rusine de cat de neexperimental e salamul de biscuiti.

DAAR mi-am facut o floare de material. Kanzashi se cheama si mi-a luat mai mult de o ora sa o fac asa ca everybody appreciate!!!!:D
floare-albastra ai murit si sa dus iubirea noastra
Si s-a dus weekendul.
A ramas folkul.

Mie-mi place cel mai mult de baiatul cu toba.

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20071028132227_dsc_5342How DOES one lose a pair of shoes?
Nici macar n-am sa mai comentez.
Am invatat astazi cum nu trebuie sa arate fondantul.In nici un caz n-ar trebui sa fie negru si intr-atata de lipit de cratita ca-ti vine sa plangi.
E si asta o lectie importanta.About failure…

watch starting min 7

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