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An adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s novel with the same name.
I love Elizabeth Gaskell and everything she wrote is pretty cool.
“Wives and daughters” is one of my favorites and it certainly has a delightful something that North&South lacks.It’s…(I hate using quotes) the magic of ordinary days and little things that make us happy.
Here we have the 19th century through the eyes of women.Lacking activity,being obedient,loving and waiting because…well,they were women in the 19th century.
I was sort of touched by the finesse of the movie.The characters seem kind of ethereal,especially Molly with her goodness and delicacy.The same with miss Matty from Cranford.
Elizabeth Gaskell had a flair for describing that kind of women that are almost like beings from out of this world.
The W&D miniseries feature Justine Waddell who also played Estella in “Great Expectations” and Tess Durbeyfield in “Tess of the D’Urbervilles”.
The plotline is rather simple and wikipedia is there for everyone
The movie is lovely:not very complex,light,sometimes funny,sometimes sad,innocently serious and of great sensibility.
That’s the thing with these british novel adaptations,isn’t it?They’re all so sensible(except for the Thomas Hardy ones but I don’t really dig those).
I had the intention of naming my favorite moments in the movie,but I can’t think of any even though right now I can’t think of a movie I’d like to rewatch more.I guess this movie stuck with me more not because of remarcable moments,but because of the impression it left me with.
Anyway,Molly being the most impressive character in the movie(due to her kindness and obedience and,as I already said,her being ethereal),I liked Cynthia immensely,much more than Molly(whom,to tell the truth,I can’t understand fully,but then again,I can’t understand any docile person,and she is so much like a Dickens character)
Cynthia is interesting and cool and not the kind of person that should live in a small village.I’d’ve loved to meet her,we would’ve been friends.
Molly is like the perfect 19th century girl.She has no flaws.She’s discreet and doesn’t stand out,yet she is remarcably intelligent, obedient yet independent in thought and with rare bursts of passion.
Oh,she is so flawless,I can’t want to be her.
I didn’t get to like Osborne,I think the actor may have done a less than good job,’cause at times I thought he was creepy or something close to creepy,like cheesy,while I don’t think that was the intention.
As for Roger,oh,maybe they don’t make guys like that anymore.And even if they do,I don’t think one of those would be a good match for me.
I actually liked mr Preston.Of course,the heart goes to the main characters,that’s what the director wants,but,oh well,he wasn’t exactly the vilain,he was just the unwanted.
Other interesting characters are squire Hamley and Hyacinth.Oh,I just realised what the best moment in the movie was,it was the squire’s way of telling the doctor that his new wife is ridiculous,”I’m not saying she was very silly,but one of us was silly and it wasn’t me”.HA!
Squire Hamley was perfectly pictured by sir Michael Gambon.
Lovely movie.I think it’s a little underrated though,it’s not as appreciated as it should be.BBC makes great movies,it’s a pitty they don’t make more.


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Another great period drama is “North and South” 2004 produced by BBC.This is actually my second favorite drama of all times.
It’s an adaptation of the novel with the same name by Elizabeth Gaskell written in 1855,some 4 decades after Jane Austen wrote P&P.The two books are very much alike because you have the intelligent, educated, witty,outspoken, poor young woman and the rich,proud,handsome man who is inlove with her.He proposes,she refuses and the rest is history.
I’ts soo good I still get the tingles just thinking about this story :).
The problem with the movie is that you know from minute 12 exactly how it’s going to end.However,the wait is worth 4 hours because the actors deliver the story beautifully and the story itself is beautiful.Since we can’t stop saying the word “beautiful” we might as well remind everybody that Richard Armitage is beautiful (and so is Daniela Denby-Ashe but we don’t care for her,we’re girls).
The main line of the plot is P&P much,the two main characters learn to change for each other but there’s much more to the story than that.You can feel the 4 decades difference because in N&S you actually get to the drama while P&P is more of a light comedy.The drama you get is caused by the industrial era,the change of status in the pleabean’s life.The peasant is no longer a peasant but an industrial worker,he is much more poor and he depends not on earth to get food from but on a factory and a master who may not be just.Also,there is danger for the worker in the factory.The potential danger is fire,a constant potential danger,but the greatest danger,the danger the worker feels,is his failing health due to bad working conditions.
So this is not only a love story,it also asks big questions about the condition of the not important people,the people nobody talked about in the mid 19th century.
The story and the characters are believable,you can see the passion,the pain,you really can cut the tension with the knife.There’s death, disease, murder, honor, sacrifice, love, hate, passion,money…it’s a must-see.
I cannot explain how good the movie is,I can just tell you that only the 1995 “Pride and Prejudice” beats it in my charts and mention that it’s one of the very few exceptions of “movie being better than the book”.
Tommy insists we do the thumbs up-down thing,but it’s pointless.We liked everything and disliked nothing except for Margaret’s other suitor(but you have to dislike him,that’s his character).No more spoilers here.
By the way,Tommy is that one–>

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