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Sleepy Hollow is,according to wikipedia,a horror film,made in 1999,based on W.Irving’s story “The legend of Sleepy Hollow” and starring Johnny Depp,Christina Ricci,Michael Gambon and Christopher Walken.And a lot of other big names,but these are the ones I like.
The movie follows the story of Ichabod Crane,a police constable from New York,sent to the little town of Sleepy Hollow to investigate a series of brutal slayings in which the victims were found beheaded.
The locals believe that the killer is the Headless Horseman.Crane does not believe them until he meets him.
Boarding a room at the Van Tassels,Crane develops an attraction to their daughter,the mysterious Katrina.In the end…spoilers spoilers spoilers,it turns out that the horseman was manipulated by Katrina’s stepmother who still had the horseman’s head.
All is well when it ends well.The final scene is with Ichabod and Katrina in New York,right in time for the new century(1800).

As I said before,according to wikipedia,it’s a horror film.But it’s not really.It’s not scary at all(except maybe for small children),it’s just that it has some murders,witches,a headless zombie on a horse and the Inquisition.
In my opinion,this is Tim Burton at it’s finest,with all the gory details but with a bit of a brighter note(not a big fan of The demon barber or Edward Scissorshands),without being all bright and shiny(Big Fish).
The music is impressive,it gets to you and it does what movie music should do(and to be honest,rarely does acceptably),it makes you feel like you’re in the movie and it’s the only frightening thing there.
The Sleepy Hollow OST is Danny Elfman’s best work.Except for the Nightmare before Christmas.

The setting was almost entirely built.And it’s creepy in a good Tim Burton way.It actually makes me think of Snow White because I always thought that is a dark story.Anyway,as I was saying,visually it’s a typical Tim Burton set.
I loved it entirely,I wouldn’t change a thing and it’s the movie that opened the Tim Burton world for me.
My favorite scene was when Ichabod cuts the dead widow open,then comes out full of blood like a butcher and says that whoever did this was mad.
Enjoy 🙂

Ichabod Crane faints quite a lot

He doesn’t mind so much being around dead bodies,but he hates spiders.
Stab it!

Well,he does mind being around dead bodies

Ichabod Crane rulez!


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Guilty,I watched this movie again lol.
Somewhat follows the Pride and Prejudice plotline(can’t beat that),except that Bridget (Lizzie Bennet) is not exactly conventionally attractive nor remarkably witty.Instead she is talkative,lets whatever goes on in her head,pop out without much regard to the consequences and gets in all sort of ridiculous situations…like talking nonsense in front of people,tripping and talking more nonsense in front of everybody.
And Mark Darcy likes her just as she is:fat(although I wouldn’t call her fat),with drinking and smoking self-indulgence problem,verbal diarhoea and strange family.
To conclude,it’s romantic,funny,optimistic and a bit like P&P.I love both the book and the movie but the book is better,I think.Deffinetly funnier.
And here are some bits.
I like you just as you are…awww

Fight scenes

It’s raining men montage…I fear we may be about to get a little damp…

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